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Its not often one gets the opportunity to do a job that is so enjoyable it can bring tears of joy.
So how lucky are we to be able to photograph some new furry friends?

Friday found us over in Pontefract just outside of Darrington.

I’m pictured below with a cute little fellow, who goes by the name of Riley. This adorable chap belongs to a dogs home, so isn’t available for adoption, although there are a few dogs there who really do need a loving and caring home.

about me

We could have stayed for hours with the dogs & cats there,
but this was just a quick visit to get ourselves more acquainted.

picture from pontefract dogs home

I got to admit to taking quite a shine to my new buddy Riley.
He really knows how to play on your emotions the cheeky imp! lol 😉

cute little dog

He’s one of the best little characters we’ve come across in a while.

small dog

Keeping an eye on the proceeding was this young lady. A most affectionate kitty if ever there was one.
For some odd reason she twice leapt into the boot of our car to have a “good nosey”.
But hey, that’s what cats do 🙂

cat looking picture

picture of cat

cat at home

Well that about wraps up this brief post, with the exception of mentioning the Pontefract Dogs Home to remind you that they work solely on donations should you be feeling generous.

So, till next time…